Walking in the Spain-ish Clouds

My trip to Spain started with a nerve wracking plane ride. With it being the second time on a plane for me (I was 12 yrs old the first time and hardly remember anything) I was worried out of my mind. Luckily I had my mom by my side to calm me down. The airport drop off was hard and tears were shed mostly by my mom, but somehow I knew when I said goodbye that everything would be ok. And it was! My first flight got delayed, but not enough to put me in any danger of missing my connecting flight. I even struck up a friendship with the person sitting beside me on the plane. Turns out flying isn’t that tough after all!

The first thing I saw in Spain was the sunrise and with it a multitude of colored clouds. A cotton candy pink cloud engulfed our plane and for a second I felt like I had been transported to a magical land or something! Once the cloud cleared I saw mountains flanked by the bluest lakes. It was amazing that even from the sky Spain could offer me so much. Ironically the colorful beauty ended once we reached the ground. Gray thick fog had settled on the ground and the weather was anything but beautiful. I always imagined walking out of the Spanish airport and being hit with rays of sun and a blue sky, but instead got a very gray and gloomy welcome. The weather unfortunately has not changed much and is colder and gloomier than the States. But Im hopeful things will lighten up soon. 🙂

Pic from above!

Pic from above!

I spent my first 3 days in Madrid and loved every second of it! Being in a big city in general is new and awesome to me so I soaked up the experience. There were moments when things got weird (old man with flowers said he’d be my boyfriend and we should go to a hotel….) and misunderstandings (Me to Starbucks cashier: Does the coffee have milk, Cashier: Yes, Me: Can I have 2% milk, Cashier: what?). But is was all worth it to be able to see places like La Puerta  del Sol, El Palacio Real, y El Museo del Prado (check gallery out).

Now I have FINALLY reached Toledo and I feel like I have once again been transported to a wondrous land. Everywhere you look there is a new adventure right around the corner. The history in this small city is outstanding and the architecture is straight from a medieval fairy tale. To be able to wake up in a place with so much history is amazing and I could stare at the landscape for hours. Thankfully I have others around me that also feel the same and a host family that is deeply invested in making sure I get as much out of my stay in Toledo as I possibly can.

I really like Arches!

I really like Arches!

My adventures in toledo have just begun and I cant wait to see where the cobblestone  paths take me!

Un abrazo!,


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