About Me :)

ImageMy name is Alejandra and I’m about to embark on an adventure of a life time! On January 11, 2014 I will be leaving the good ole U.S.A for the rich soil of Espana (Spain for y’all non-spanish speakers)! This will be my very first time out of my birth country and my second time on a plane. Suffice to say that every little step of this journey has been and will be an aventura (adventure, once again for y’all non-Spanish speakers. hahaha).  I’m excited, scared to death, and sooooooo not mentally ready, but I hope to recount all the ups and downs in this blog. Because an adventure and life in general is not without its boops on the head (insert visual example here——->


FYI: The dog is life and I’m the cat. Life likes laughing at our misery sometimes….life can be a bitch….

P.S Also I REALLY like memes/funny pics…expect several more in blog posts. And fair warning: cussing may sometimes occur, but in a funny good way promise!

Thanks for wanting to follow me on my journey. I don’t promise glory in these posts or weekly consistency (I mean I’m going to be in SPAIN for gosh sakes! There are things to be done!), But I promise to always make y’all laugh and smile from a far whenever possible because that’s just something I like do. 😉

In my 21 years of life I have never done something so epic as this and I can’t wait for what lies ahead!

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